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ADD PACK English Description

You have the ability, through the purchase of VALUES X Add Packs for each € 15, - to speed up the filling of the box and thereby faster and higher to benefit from the proceeds of the Values-X Commodity Trading.


The VALUES-X FREE STARTER KIT includes at the beginning, 1 liter VicciiBioticcs

With the VALUES X FREE STARTER KITyou take for free on the Values-X Commodity Trading part, and benefit proportionately from the daily successes.

This requires no separate payment for the VALUES-X FREE STARTER KIT.

About participation in the Values-X Commodity Trading, this box is filled by as long daily revenue allocations, until the total amount of 5 liters (2 VicciiBioticcs boxes each 2.5 liters) has been reached.

After the amount of 5 liters has been reached, the boxes are packed and deposited in your virtual store and you can continue to benefit from the daily revenues through the Values-X Commodity Trading

or the two boxes may be requested from you for delivery.

But you can also apply for the sale of the two boxes by the company. In this case, the two boxes in the Values-X Store come and be sold within 30 days.

The sale price will, posted after the successful sale of your internal clearing account at your disposal.

During the filling of VicciiBioticcs boxes, no withdrawals from the space resulting from this Freepack revenues may be applied. These are used exclusively to further filling of boxes.

After the two boxes filled with 2.5 liters, and were deposited in your department store, these boxes go unrestricted access to your property.